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Mill Valley

This 1928 one bedroom one bath bungalow is located on a very small flag lot in Mill Valley. In order to accomplish the transformation into an all new two bedroom three bath, with den/guest room/home office, dinning room and large kitchen, we determined that a complete tear down would result in the loss of precious non conforming existing set backs.

Thus we designed the project as a "Remodel" and worked around the existing foundation, main floor and some exterior walls. The foundations were retrofitted with new concrete drilled piers and added grade beams. All pre-existing structure that remains has been strengthened. The result is a completely new home.

San Francisco

Due to the unusual amount of subsurface serpentine rock, the Potrero Hill area of San Francisco suffered very little damage from the 1906 quake, making the area very desirable for home construction at the time.

It's distance from the economic hub limited large home construction, but many unique and ornate small cottages were constructed at a rapid rate after the quake.

This property on the north slope has dead-on views of the SF skyline, due mainly to the extreme slope of 17th Street, which allows each structure to stand higher than the adjacent.

We completely renovated the '06 cottage set at the rear, into a one bedroom charmer with a loft and a full footprint ground floor storage area.

With maximum use of zoning constraints and allowing a generous yard between, we constructed an all new Victorian three-and-two with garage on the front of the lot. Both the master bedroom and the living room enjoy the SF skyline views.


Over a period of years, we've been called upon by the Owners to do various improvements to this wonderful lagoon side home in Belvedere.

We were first contracted to enclose an open carport and to construct a horizontal addition for the formal dining room with master bedroom deck above. Later we were called upon to renovate the two smaller bathrooms and convert a mezzanine over the living room into a home exercise room. One of the smaller bathrooms with the custom soaking tub was published in the Architectural Digest.

More recently we contracted to renovate the master bedroom suite. This included a complete master bathroom renovation with a new 4' x 8' sauna, new cabinets in the dressing area and master bedroom. The owners are presently designing a gourmet kitchen and we have been invited to construct it as well.


This 1992 Burlingame home rested on a foundation with a severe downlsope and a 9 foot deep retaining wall, running from the front of the lot towards the back. This retaining wall suffered substantial seasonal shifting from hydrostatic pressure during the rainy season with opposing settlement movement in the dry season.

Our project goal was to install a soldier beam retaining wall with precast concrete lagging that would be independent of the existing structure. The new, freestanding retaining wall would be allowed to adjust to the seasonal pressures without effecting the house itself.

Soldier beam steel was 152lbs per foot and typically 36 feet in length. The existing foundation was properly water proofed and the space between the new wall and existing foundation was filled with gravel to act as a positive drainage system.

Mill Valley - Buena Vista

Buena Vista, one of Mill Valley's favorite streets, where private ownership prevails. This lovely home needed a new garage and two story vertical addition.

We added the tuck under garage into a hillside and placed an enjoyable patio over its roof.

The two story addition includes a living room with detailed ship beam ceiling, custom fireplace, and a bedroom suite with custom master bathroom. The bathroom includes a large shower and jacuzzi tub. The garage and addition construction included extensive retaining walls and foundations for both.



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