RPB Construction, Inc.

170 Capp Street

154/170 Capp Street, San Francisco: Full base building renovation and occupancy change for a three story 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse in the Mission District.

Included building envelope renovation, windows, doors, roof, facade changes, egress and elevator renovation and a full seismic upgrade for change of occupancy to offices.

3124 International Blvd

3124 International Boulevard, Oakland. Complete renovation of entire ground floor of a 5 floor, 30's period office building. Restored to offices from restaurant, bar and other occupancy changes, made over the previous sixty years.

Restoration of classic arched store fronts that had been covered over with blank stucco facade.

Project completed in four phases over a two year period.

250 Fourth Street

250 Fourth Street, San Francisco. Full tenant improvements for 9,500 sq. ft. offices, including new HVAC. Performed landlord Shell work including new exterior windows for the two top floors of the building.

667 Mission Street

667 Mission Street, San Francisco. Full base building renovation of a four story, with full basement, 55,000 sq. ft. unreinforced masonry building.

Included all new stairways and elevator, complete seismic upgrade, new power and HVAC. Plus a 10,000 sq. ft., Landlord's vanilla tenant improvement for top floor Art School.

645 Beach Street

645 Beach Street, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco. Museum quality Art Gallery. Tenant Improvement with the highest quality finishes and lighting. Many custom amenities. Landlord Shell work including enclosure of exterior space to extend Tenant Space.

Alhambra Street

Fifteen Unit Apartment Building, Scott and Alhambra Streets, Marina District, San Francisco.

Earthquake repairs and full seismic upgrade of this building was accomplished by lifting the entire structure six inches off the existing foundation. The foundation and first floor structure was removed and a new two foot thick foundation/slab was constructed beneath the entire "footprint" of the building.

A new first floor was lowered onto this new structure. The building's power, heat and plumbing systems, as well as the utilities services were replaced.

Cervantes Street

Apartment Building with 18 Units, Cervantes and Alhambra Streets, San Francisco. Earthquake repairs and full seismic upgrade of the apartment building was completed by shoring the building in place and installing a concrete grade beam system tied to the existing foundation system.

Additional shear walls and further interior work was completed by "leap frogging" from apartment to apartment and temporarily relocating tenants one at a time.

220 North Beach

220 North Beach Street, San Francisco. Complete renovation of a grocery store originally built in 1918.

Meridian Art Gallery

Meridian Art Gallery, Marina District, San Francisco. Art Gallery renovation.


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